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It's important to keep your workflow as clean as possible, and we understand that. Velarium automates renaming input files, backing them up and filing them away in easy to find locations. Save your favorite templates and options as a preset and come back to it later. Whether you're exporting your presets to share with creative teammates or coming up with a new way to use Velarium - we want you to succeed.

OneClick Velarium Import Solution
  1. Import your media based on templates

    Use timestamps, media properties and templated values to organize your media. Velarium can dynamically build directory structures and filenames based on templates that you define with easy to use tokens. Simplify your workflow.

  2. Backup

    Velarium makes an optional backup copy of your media to a location you select. Checksums are performed before and after every file copy to make sure the data is intact.

  3. Automated Camera Mapping and Reel Naming

    Have more than one camera? Are you manually keeping tracking of which numeric ranges in the filename correspond to what camera? Velarium can automate this process by using camera mapping that matches filename characters to a specific camera label which you can use to dynamically build directories and filenames.

  4. Transcode

    Create ProRes 422 or 4444 output from your files as part of the one click ingest process.

  5. Add a Video Timecode Track

    Create a timecode track in quicktime video files based on file creation time.

  6. Turn your WAV files into BWF

    The Broadcast Wave Format is a professional grade extension to the WAV format allowing the encoding of additional information such as descriptions and time information. Use this option to write templated information into your wav files. Use the wav file creation time to create BWF "timecode". Velarium inserts both industry standard BWF and iXML chunks. Read more about BWF files.

  7. Export Metadata

    Velarium will write XMP, iXML, and Quicktime metadata into supported filetypes. Consult the online manual or download the trial to see if it meets the needs of your application.

  8. Save, Export and Import Presets

    Save your session settings as a preset, then batch import at will. Come back to your settings later. Export them and share with a friend. Backup, Share, Import. Presets are contained in a readily consumable XML format.

  9. Output Shot Logs based on Ingested Material

    Velarium maintains a database of all imported media along with all the metadata mapped out of this media. Use the build in search and report function to find particular assets or output a shot log for the day's work, a whole project, or any searchable criteria you like.

  10. Multi Core Support

    Velarium takes full advantage of all your cores to help speed up ingest and transcoding.

  11. Native 64 bit Application

    Make full use of all available system resources. Velarium bridges both Quicktime and the new OS X AVFoundation libraries, providing a stable foundation for long term evolution.

  12. Final Cut Pro® X XML Event Output

    Velarium will output Final Cut Pro X XML Event files containing all media from an import session. This allows you to import metadata into FCPX directly from the event XML. See the online manual for details.

For Apple Mac® computers running OS X 10.8

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