Are you tired of searching properties and locations on the internet, making scouting notes? There's more than one way to do it! In a room of 100 salespeople you could learn about 200 different sales processes or pipelines. What a wonderful world of variety! Here at SalesMapper we think there are a few elements common to all these sales processes that we can help you with.

Let's start off by taking a look at the whole market, we mean the entire universe. Total Addressable Market is the total revenue opportunity for what it is you are selling. Literally every person or business that would have a use for your product. Served Available Market represents the revenue opportunity that you can actually reach. In the case of in-person outside sales, which is where SalesMapper will help you, geographic considerations are probably the main constraint narrowing your funnel between TAM and SAM. If your territory is Omaha, you're not selling grease dispersants in Boston; at least not face to face! Unless you are, in which case ignore the example but you get the idea. Within that you have what you can realistically obtain. Some folks just call this the Target Market, some the Share of Market or Service Obtainable Market, but the idea is the same.

The first three layers take us from all possible consumers of our service or good in the known universe down to the folks we can realistically touch. This is where the selling starts!

Check out our sales funnel (there are a million ways of looking at the world, but this is our way)! Waiting above the top of this funnel is our entire target market. Somehow we need to get those folks through our funnel and converted into sales, closes, customer aquisitions, subscriptions, conversions, or a lot of other ways of talking about what comes out the bottom of the funnel.

The funnel is another way of representing a sales pipeline or sales process, but it focuses on the potential customers that don't make it to the next stage. It also demonstrates that the two ways to increase your sales are two streamline your pipeline (lose fewer prospectives between each stage) and to put more prospects into the top of the funnel!

The reality is that almost no one has a perfectly linear sales pipeline, but rather there are redos and retrys and loops and delays and weird branches all over the place in the course of securing a cutomer sale. But the metaphorical lesson remains - get more leads into the pipeline and make sure they stay there!

This is where SalesMapper comes in. SalesMapper helps you stuff that funnel! If you spend time searching on the internet, looking at satelite maps, creating sticky notes or spreadsheets or documents containing the names of businesses you might want to call on, then SalesMapper is purpose built for you. SalesMapper allows you to do your mapping and lead tracking work, keep track of the leads and what kind of status or place in the pipeline they are, and make sure that you get properly qualified leads in your funnel in a fraction of the time!

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